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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Anuar Zain young fan

I found this video of an Anuar Zain fan sometime ago in YouTube & it never fails to make me smile. Anuar Zain is a singer in Malaysia with a very nice voice. His sister Ziana Zain is famous for her high pitch voice.

Just a break from my usual article.

Nicol David, The World Squash Champion

I just read about Nicol David,a fantastic World Class Squash player from Malaysia. If she is in US she probably end up doing advert for Nike. Not sure whether that's a good thing or not.

Her opponent, another World ranking, (mmm...was it Natalie or Rachel Grinham?) thought that she could outrun Nicol but somehow Nicol stamina overtook her. This come from a girl which the Malaysian Prime Minister quoted saying "more famous than I am".

Nicol is young, talented but whats really good is she is known to be rooted on the ground. I'm not talking about her agility but I'm talking about her humbleness. She's sweet.

Check out this personal page of hers http://www.surforever.com.my/nicol

Friday, November 24, 2006

Technorati Profile

Just arrived!

Life is different now when I decided to step outside the 9-5 day job to do freelancing. There is a cue inside the words freelancing that had attracted me so much.

The words is free.

And I guess time wise, I am FREE to decide.
And I guess money wise, I am FREE to decide too.

That would depend absolutely on my will to do work, which depend on discipline and commitment. Meeting new people. Networking.

Had the sense of urgency and resposibility that are on different levels. Almost the same during day jobs but completely different at the same time. Like working for somebody and myself at the same time.

Which situations I'm slowly falling deeply in love with.

Building website for others is like building a monument. Something like, wow, I built the Eiffel Tower type of feeling. Making other feels, wow, I own the Eiffel Tower.